Now Accepting Submissions for 2017!

Clifton Film Fest 2017

July 22nd

What is Clifton Film Fest?

2016 Winners

Clifton Film Fest is an award winning film festival located in Northern Virginia at the Lorton Workhouse Art Center, we showcase original short films made by the community.

Aspiring Filmmakers

Honorable Mention - Voices Unlocked by Ben Breaux and Jonathan Newport

Best Cinematography - H.U.M.A.N.S. by Jonathan Newport

Best Editing - Under My Skin by Dylan Clark

Best Audio/Soundtrack - Silence by Dylan Clark

Best Picture - Monophobia by Evan Sparks

Filmmakers 19+

Now Accepting Submissions for 2017!

Honorable Mention - Meet Your Maker by Ty Wilson

Best Cinematography - Sneak Peak Into Macro NOVA by Mathew Robinson

Best Editing - Tex: Wisdom of the Old West by William R. Coughlan

Best Audio/Soundtrack - The Ruxpins by Mike Chilson

Best Picture - Magic Trick by Joe Carabeo