Fantasy Island Trailer, The New TV Show On FOX

Fox has recently launched a new promotion in Puerto Rico and for remake of Fantasy Island. The current movie will open on the Fox square on 11 August, and will include Roselyn Hernandez (Grand Hôtel) and Juan Carlos Rodriquez, Kiara Harrison (The Brave and The Ugly) (Rosewood). The stars in the series include Controversy Bellamy Old, Dave (What / If), Superman Odette Annable etc.

The original show consisted of Mr. Roarke, the enigmatic proprietor of an island paradise, who fulfills the biggest fantasies of his visitors, but not always without any twist. Thus far and, Roarke have gender-swapped the biggest distinction between both the reboot and the new films. Sanchez plays the famous main role from of the original show, Caroline Roarke, with her latest production on Fantasy Island.

Although this next season is the first Tv version of the original program, in January of last year a film version was launched. That picture was widely criticized, with garnering a meager 8 percent. The Fantasy Island the Blumhouse has been a very soft remake to reimagine the typically lightweight affair as a gruesome journey, which could be part of why so many people hated the picture. Fox’s Fantasy Island looks return to the initial origins, which this series arguably needs greatest.

Because this is Fox’s fourth preview, a latest trailer seems likely to bring soon before the debut in Aug. Watch out Fantasy Island’s new commercial, cover and official summary.

“Toward what if – both the large and the little – questions often keep us alert at night, every episode tells emotive, intriguing tales of individuals coming with hopes and longings and leaves illuminated and changed by Fantasy Island’s film noir. Natalia ROARKE (Roselyn Fernandez, ‘Devil maids’), descendent of a famous Mr. Roarke, serves as the caretaker of this mystery island. Elena put aside her personal goals for upholding the heritage of her family, and even love for her life. Her calm outside conceals the difficulties of her duties, which are intelligent, intelligent and always pleasant. Elena’s assistant is RUBY OKORO, a young girl with an old fogey that would be in Fantasy Island to chronic cancer, and who has been rented out there to live again; and JAVIER pilot, (John Aaron Lowed, the “Miranda’s Liberties”), also the Island’s leader and the johnny of all businesses.

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Fantasy Island comes returning as enchantment for the forthcoming Fox reboots in a new trailer like before. The trailer, which Fox released on Monday, offers an insight into what Fantasy Island does have to offer for its fans, both old and new: wonderful landscape, crystal clear sea plus mystical abilities that change their lives.

Fantasy Island is located in a luxurious resort where visitors literally realize whatever desire they want, but they seldom turn out in the way they want. Victoria Roarke (Mylene Sanchez) manages the resort, which puts aside her aspirations and even the passion of her life to preserve the heritage of her family. The tranquility outside conceals the difficulties of the tasks she has undertaken as custodian of this strange island: educated, intelligent and always attractive.

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