Clifton Film Fest

Clifton Film Fest is an award winning indoor and outdoor film festival located in Northern Virginia. We started out as a youth film festival but adapted to showcase original films made by both Ameuter and Professional Filmmakers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Awards & Prizes

19+ and Student Prizes:

Best Picture – Final Draft 8
Best Cinematography – Red Giant Software
Best Sound – TBA
Best Editing – Adobe Creative Cloud 1-Year Membership

Film Students:

Best Picture – TBA

Rules & Terms

• Shorts should be 1-10 minutes in duration (NO LONGER). Remember shorter films sometimes have more impact!

• We accept all genres (Narratives, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, and Experimental films etc.)

• Your film can be anything original. You have complete creative freedom.

• Your film should be appropriate for the community. If we do not find your film appropriate we have the right to refuse to play it without refund. So please Please use your best judgment or contact use prior if unsure. If your film has questionable subject matter and you are under 18 we will have to contact your